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Short white dress made of canvas with crystal appliqués. Featuring a strapless fit, a straight neckline, an elasticated waist and a mullet skirt with an organza hem.

Knock it off with the short white dress in canvas with crystal appliqués

With strapless modeling and straight neckline, the dress highlights the shoulders and brings a touch of sensuality in the right measure.

The elastic waist ensures a perfect fit and provides comfort when dressing.

The mullet skirt, with a shorter front and longer back, adds movement and flair to the piece. The organza hem adds a delicate and sophisticated detail, bringing a touch of elegance to the look .

The application of crystals on the canvas adds shine and sophistication to the dress, creating a dazzling effect. Crystals reflect light, adding a touch of glamor to every step.

Betting on clothes with crystal applications

Crystal appliqués add a dazzling effect to clothing, reflecting light and creating an irresistible glow. These details bring a touch of glamor and sophistication to the pieces.

Crystal appliqués are excellent for highlighting specific details on clothes, such as necklines, sleeves, hems or waistlines. These points of shine draw attention and add charm to the look .

Clothing with crystal appliqués is perfect for special occasions such as parties, formal events and weddings. They bring an air of elegance and luxury, making you stand out from the crowd.
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