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Short off-white dress made in tweed. It has a straight neckline, medium straps, front pockets and a rear nylon zipper closure. Hand embroidered piece with pearls and beads in strategic locations.

Perfect for those who want to add elegance to their style

Crafted from tweed, a classic fabric known for its unique texture and durability, the dress offers a refined and timeless look.

The straight neckline gives the dress a sophisticated look , while the medium straps provide comfort and adequate support. Front pockets add a touch of practicality and style.

The special highlight of this dress is the hand-embroidered details. With pearls and beads, these embroideries were carefully applied in strategic locations, such as on the collar, shoulders or hem of the dress.

These details add a touch of glamor and luxury , elevating the look and ensuring you stand out on any occasion.

The elegance of tweed clothes

Tweed is a classic fabric that conveys sophistication and elegance. Clothes made from this material have a timeless feel, allowing you to always be fashionable, regardless of passing trends.

Tweed has a unique texture , characterized by its intertwined fibers. This texture adds depth and visual interest to clothes, making them visually appealing and stylish.
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